Non Invasive Cardiac Monitoring of:

  • Cardiac Output, Cardiac Power Index
  • Total Peripheral Resistance
  • Total Body Water
  • And other Haemodynamic parameters

All in 20 seconds! Non invasively. Accurately.


Non-Invasive Portable Heart Monitor, Monitoring Cardiac Output

NiCaS is a non-invasive solution for accurate monitoring of cardiac output and other vital Haemodynamic parameters in just 20 seconds! This portable heart monitor can be used for 24 hour cardiac output monitoring, from the comfort of the patients own home or in Hospital.

Parameters Monitored
The NICaS system measures parameters in four physiological categories: Cardiac heart rhythm monitor, Vascular, Fluid, and Respiratory.

Whole body Bio-impedance technology, utilised in NICaS is unique and propriety to Ni Medical. The NiCaS algorithms were developed by Ni Medical scientists over more than twenty years of research and validated by extensive clinical testing. Our products are FDA cleared and CE marked.

Clinical Applications
The Non-Invasive portable heart monitor can be used on heart failure, Hypertension, Dyspnea, CRT Optimisation of Bi Ventricular pacemakers and assessment of LV function.

How it works
NiCaS transmits a small electrical signal through the body via two electrical sensors arranged in wrist-ankle configuration. This calculates the stoke volume by a proprietary algorithm. Cardiac output is calculated by multiplying stroke volume by the heart rate. In addition, NICaS utilises a standard three-lead ECG connection for measuring the pulse rate.

Being a portable heart monitor, its perfect for use at home, that’s not only non-invasive but more importantly accurate!

A New Age in Whole Body Bioimpedance Cardiology:

  • Early detection of Congestive Heart Failure, the nations biggest killer
  • Accurate drug titration in treating Hypertension – no more guesswork in prescribing the correct drug regime
  • Patient monitoring in ICU to complement traditional procedures, or even replace them
  • CRT (Pacemaker) Optimisation

NI Medical is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of whole body bioimpedance systems focusing on non-invasive assessment and monitoring of cardiovascular, respiratory and fluid parameters.

The use of Cardiac Bioimpedance as a non-invasive monitoring system to document cardiac function in the home represents a break-through technology allowing us to pursue better quality of care I can now say I have used all the FDA-approved devices and some that are not approved, NICaS is clearly the best one for our patients

Prof. Gresham Bayne MD, Former President of the American Academy of Home Care Physicians

The NICaS is now a part of my standard, daily protocol and over 1,000 CHF patients have been inspected. The Contractility (Cardiac Index and Cardiac Power Index), Afterload (Total Peripheral resistance) and Preload (Total Body Water) measured by the NICaS provides me additional confidence in my diagnostics and medicine titration of my patients.

Prof. Dov Freimark, Head of Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Institute, Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Hashomer, Israel

In summary, I can state that as per my experience utilizing the NICaS, its Cardiac Output measurement is accurate and well correlates with patient’s condition; the reports are easy to read, very informative (above and beyond all the other clinical data I have available) and most importantly, improved clinical outcomes are consistently demonstrated by utilizing the NICaS for my CHF patient population

Prof. Dov Freimark, Head of Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Institute, Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Hashomer, Israel


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